Welcome to The 1951 Club! (And my blog birthday)

1951 ClubIt’s here! Welcome to The 1951 Club – this post will be where I round up everybody’s reviews of books published in 1951, whether fiction, non-fiction, or anything in between. Just pop a link in the comments.

It’s also (though this was not deliberate) the 10th birthday for Stuck in a Book. That’s right – 10 April 2007 saw me take a break from revising for my undergraduate finals and decide to start a book blog. It’s been rather strange and wonderful since then, and has led to far more than I could have dreamt of – but it’s also rooted in the shared love of books and online community that something like the 1951 Club embodies.

When I picked these dates out of the air last October, I hadn’t appreciated that it would be Easter this week… that means it might be rather busy for me; I’m still hoping to do lots of reading and reviewing, and gathering up reviews, but I don’t think I’ll have time to do links for older posts. But please do still do your own posts, rounding up all the 1951 reviews you’ve already had on your blog!

Happy reading!

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