Trying a little experiment just before I head off to Northern Ireland. When I posted about painting a while ago, someone said I should try selling things on Etsy – a place to sell amateur art. Well, thought I, perhaps I will – but I thought I’d test the water here. This might not be for the most regular visitors to Stuck-in-a-Book, who are literary-minded folk first and foremost, but perhaps I’ll be able to point people in this direction.

Anyway, I’m going to try and sell this painting Woman with Orange Background (acrylic, 40×30 cm.):

It’s going to be something of a silent auction, mostly because I haven’t the smallest idea how much one should charge for these things – so, if you’re interested, don’t write in the comments, but email me at with an offer and your location, and I’ll get back to people when I’m back on English shores! I’ll find some college funding somehow…

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