When We Were Alive by C.J. Fisher

When We Were AlivePraise be, my RSI seems to have died down! I can use both hands again! Thanks for thoughts and support – it’s been a bit of a rubbish fortnight or so, and the underlying issue will still need to be dealt with, but at least I’m back typing.

I still have plenty of reviews and whatnot to come, but for today – since the next issue of Shiny New Books is coming up this week – I thought I’d link to my final review from Issue 9. It’s a bit unusual for me, being a new book by a vlogger – but not one who is keen to publicise the relationship between YouTube and book, refreshingly. Anyway – over to C.J. Fisher and When We Were Alive. Full review here.

Anybody who keeps an eye on book news, or the stands in WH Smith at Christmastime, will probably have observed the sensation of the YouTube Book. The 20-something year old with a camera and a cheery smile has been unleashed on an unsuspecting audience of people with preteen children, and Zoella is just the most famous of a gathering mass. Well, it’s true that I first came across C.J. Fisher in her persona as Ophelia Dagger on YouTube, but she would be the first to disavow the title of Vlogger Novelist. It may be how I discovered her as a novelist, but they are very different entities.

2 thoughts on “When We Were Alive by C.J. Fisher

  • June 3, 2016 at 2:24 am

    I’m glad the RSI is a bit better. Poor you, what a misery!! I had some form of RSI for a hot minute in high school, and it was a nightmare. A very Christian girl at my school discovered this had happened and insisted on PRAYING OVER ME (v. uncomfortable), which I did not want from anyone but her least of all because she’d told my lovely Hindu friend that she was probably going to hell. Very. Very. Rude. So I wish you a speedy recovery and no attempts at faith healing.

    • June 7, 2016 at 2:13 pm

      Thanks Jenny! It was not fun at all. I did get very adept at doing multiple things at once with one arm.
      Unwelcome prayers aren’t fun, but I did go and seek out prayer for mine – I will take faith healing or any other sort of healing ;) Something worked, for sure!


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