Tea and…

This picture more or less sums up my afternoon!

And, thinking about it, it’s not far off summing up my taste in novels. That’s not quite true, let me rephrase – it sums up part of my taste of novels, because it comes in two very distinct categories. I like the quirky and surreal, and also the domestic and unthreatening. I especially love it when these coalesce in Barbara Comyns… more on her later in the week, of course. But this photo – well, its atmosphere, and the way it makes me feel : that’s what I’m often after in books.

So, this is my challenge to those of you who have blogs: can you post a picture which sums up your reading taste, or a section of it? I’m looking for a picture which doesn’t include a book in it, or a character from an adaptation, or anything like that. It can be a photograph you’ve taken, or a painting you’ve seen, or anything… have fun with it!

I’d love anyone and everyone to have a go, but I’m going to ‘tag’ a few people to start the ball rolling…

Becca (Oxford Reader) – whose camera took that very photo!Claire (The Captive Reader)Claire (Paperback Reader)Claire (Kiss A Cloud)Karen (Cornflower)Nicola (Vintage Reads)Polly (Novel Insights)Rachel (Book Snob)Simon (Savidge Reads)Thomas (My Porch)

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