The next club is…

You’ve got months and months of warning for… the 1977 Club! We added up all the votes for different 1970s years – all but one year got at least one vote – and 1977 just came out on top.

I’ve dug through my LibraryThing books about have almost twenty options – hopefully your own shelves will provide similar gems.

After this, we’ll probably be moving back to the 1920s, as mentioned. Partly (why we don’t go later) because of the personal taste that Karen and I have in literature, and partly (why we don’t go earlier) because the rise of cheap publishing, mass literacy, and the middle-classes after WW1 mean that there are a lot more options and a lot more books available. (But if anybody wants to start a form of 1985 Club, you have our blessing!)

Obviously we’ll remind you nearer the time – but nobody has the excuse that they didn’t get enough warning ;)