The 1968 club is coming this month!

It’s come around quickly, but the 1968 club isn’t far away! For those keeping tabs, Karen and I have shifted the week back a bit – but it’s happening 30 October to 5 November, and we have a badge all good to go. These are great fun to make, finding appropriate pictures, and I keep meaning to put all the past badges in the sidebar…

1968 club (1)

For those who haven’t seen previous clubs – the idea is that we all read and review books published in the same year, and – together, collaboratively – we can build up a really detailed picture of a year in books. I’ll host links to all new reviews (and feel free to do some reading in advance!) – novels, poetry, short stories, non-fiction, drama, everything is welcome. Books in translation also strongly encouraged, particularly if they were published in the original language in 1968 – but feel free to make up your own rules!

We’ve done 1924, 1938, 1947, and 1951, and I thought my enthusiasm might wane as we get nearer present day – but the line-up for 1968 is looking really great! If you’re feeling stuck, check out 1968 in literature on Wikipedia, or take a look at the (gasp!) 23 options that I’ve got waiting in my library. We love a wide range, so do have a hunt on your own shelves – and Karen and I will be back in late October to set everybody off!