Picture Perfect

I’ve so much enjoyed all the pictures you’ve put up on your blogs in response to my challenge this week! I suppose it ought to have a name… A Picture Paints A Thousand Books , perhaps? Well, I thought I’d put all the links into one post… and unveil the picture that reflects the other half of my reading! I gave you the one which is all genteel and middlebrow, but this represents the other side:

I immediately thought of Escher when I wanted to depict my taste for quirky, slightly surreal novels – I like that the image is also very domestic. This is quirky but not macabre, and still focused upon the home: perfect.

Here’s a list of links to follow up, to see other people’s choices – I’ll keep adding to the list as people send me the links! Do let me know if you’ve tried to find your Picture that Paints A Thousand Books…

Agnieszkas Shoes
At Pemberley
The Blue Cabin
Book Bath
Book Snob
A Bookish Space
Books Before Breakfast
A Book Worm’s Haven
A Borrower Be
The Captive Reader
Cardigan Girl Verity
Chasing Bawa
David Nolan
Desperate Reader
Farm Lane Books
A Few of My Favourite Books
Find Your Next Book Here
Hannah Stoneham
Harriet Devine
Kiss A Cloud
Light, Bright, and Sparkling
Lizzy Siddal
Mental Foodie
Morgana’s Cat
My Porch
Off at a Tangent
The Oliva Reader
Paperback Reader
Random Ramblings
A Rat in the Book Pile
Ready When You Are, C.B.
Roses Over a Cottage Door
Savidge Reads
Shelf Love
Tampa Bookworm
Tartan Wallpaper
Tea Time With Marce
The Treacle Well
We Be Reading
Winston’s Dad

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