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More by Max BeerbohmMax Beerbohm books are like buses: you wait years to read one, and then you read… well, I suppose ‘three’ would end this saying properly, but I’ve only read two. I bought another, if that helps you. Anyway, I loved More by Beerbohm, reprinted by Michael Walmer and reviewed in Shiny New Books. Full review here, but here is how it starts…

Max Beerbohm’s name is known today, if at all, as the author of Zuleika Dobson – a curious sort of modernised Greek myth, where a preternaturally beautiful woman bewitches all the undergraduates in Oxford. It is told in luscious prose, and is both entirely ridiculous and entirely enjoyable. Well, a dozen years earlier, Beerbohm was still in his 20s when he published More (1899), now reprinted by Michael Walmer in a rather lovely, good quality, striped edition.

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