The Day After The Night Before

Don’t know about you, but I’m rather exhausted after all that partying. The Powers That Be inform me that a fair few popped in (I can even tell that you came from Alicante, Leeds, various parts of the US… I think I can just about match two and two together with THOSE) so do make me feel loved, and comment.

A little more introduction today, for those who don’t know. I currently live in that building, to the right. Oh yes, I have worked out how to put pictures on the RIGHT as well. You click the button saying ‘right’. It’s technical, but I got there.

No, I haven’t won the lottery – I live in one little room of that building, and it is the most book-filled room at Magdalen College, Oxford – my current haunt. More info about me is in the little ‘about me’ section, I’ll warrant…

But the neighbours are quite noisy…

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